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It might be helpful to be able to jump to the first or last day of a week, and to escape to the date input field. If your customers are relying on a date picker, enabling them to jump between dates via keyboard shortcuts does have a learning curve, but it could be a real boost.

It would be quite difficult to make a date picker more powerful than that. When we think about date selection, we probably imagine a couple of input fields along with a calendar overlay. Adhithya Kumar built a quick Invision mockup of what the basic interaction could be like.

30 Best Free Calendar & Datepicker jQuery Plugins

In some situations, asking for the exact date might be overly specific and unnecessary. In fact, you could explore most frequently used timeframes and suggest quick shortcuts to the most common selections. The National Geographic schedule page highlights shows prominently, grouping them by time. A little switcher in the left upper corner switches between daily and weekly views. The mobile view is not available, but it could easily display daily view on mobile by default , with an option to switch to weekly view, and the other way around on desktop. More often than not, a couple of presets and general suggestions, combined with filters, would work way better than browsing months and years ever would.

In that case, you could still provide a detailed calendar view, displaying all options at once, and using color coding, for example, to indicate best prices. However, the option is dropped on narrow screens altogether. Dohop , on the other hand, uses not only flexible dates but also flexible location as the main feature, prominently highlighting both features as the user starts typing in their destination or date.

Just like any other input, a date input can also be accomplished by moving the knob of a slider. The wider or the denser the range selectable through a slider, the harder it is to use. If we think about the date or time range — which can vary a lot, and encompass months or a wide range of time slots — then picking one of the options can become quite an adventure on narrow screens.

Sliders seem to work best when the specific value does not matter much , or when you have a very limited set of options to scrub through. At this point, you might be wondering whether all of that effort and all of these considerations are actually worth it. The problem with native date pickers is that they are very limited in their design and functionality. Just like with regular numerical input, the starting point and end point require two separate date pickers.

Scrolling through dates is predictable and consistent, but because selection requires precision, they become very annoying very quickly in usability interviews. Does it mean that using a native control is always a bad idea? Not at all. Things get slightly more complicated when, in addition to a date picker, you also need to provide a time-slot picker. The easiest way to achieve time selection would be by providing an extra input field as a step after the date has been selected.

This brings us back to square one again: But what if we look at this issue from a slightly different perspective?

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Now, a typical example of an interface with a time picker would be booking an appointment or a restaurant reservation. In these cases, both the date and time matter, but sometimes the date matters a bit more, whereas other times, time matters a bit more. In that case, time selection acts as a filter to remove all unavailable days.

In fact, when it comes to appointments, a good number of users have a certain time slot in mind, because the day might be packed with work time and family matters. Prompt the customer to select the time range that best fits their schedule morning, afternoon or evening , and display next available appointments in a list, available for booking. Alternatively, you could combine date and time selection in one screen as well.

On Treatwell. The Calendars 5 app uses a sort of tabbed navigation to switch between date and time selection. The panel at the bottom is easily accessible for the thumb. The time view, though, has a very unusual layout for time selection, with options grouped by daytime and nighttime, and minutes listed in a slider, basically resulting in 36 clickable buttons. A slightly better way to provide exact input would be to use a native control or progressive disclosure, where we could display only AM or PM first, and then allow users to dive into specific hour or minute input if needed.

Alternate Date Picker is designed with the goal to provide the easiest way to define a date from very wide range of dates — You just tap on buttons to build the date.

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Thanks to Slav for heads up in the comments! Localization matters. You could use a combination of drop-down and numerical input to minimize the number of mistakes made, like Gmail and Yahoo do for input fields. You can find an overview of accessible date pickers. Looking back now, what can we do with a date picker? We can combine day, month and year into one input field, add a fancy calendar icon, and prompt a calendar overlay that exposes the main purpose of the calendar prominently.

We could use smart inputs, a mini-stepper and flexible dates, and we could allow users to switch between week and month views or change the level of fidelity of the calendar accordingly. We could even consider two separate views — a big-picture calendar along with a detailed list. The transition from start date to end date should be seamless and should happen without prompting a second calendar, just with a few taps.

30+ Best Free iOS GUI Mockup Templates for Photoshop & Sketch

Typing in an input field might be less annoying than scrolling through the select wheeler or jumping back and forth between months and years. And to help users find the perfect day, we can expose the most relevant detail, such as availability or pricing, in the calendar as well. If the date is likely to be quite far in the past or the future for example, when booking a vacation , a numerical input with a date picker might be a good option. Ideally, providing numerical input, a calendar overlay and a mini-stepper seems to be a safe bet, as long as numerical input is reliable enough.

This is another great collection of screens, apps, icons, effects for iOS.

Select date from datepicker using Swift in ios app development

Start designing for iOS 10 with the all new widgets and notification templates. The intention of this file is to help you to design iPhone apps within very short time. You can design and build amazing apps by using this UI kit. So you can resize and adjust any element without losing any quality. Feel free to download it and use it for a commercial or personal purpose.

Apple introduced the iOS 8 in the last year.

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This UI kit contains pixel-perfect elements, so all assets are sharp and clean. All the files in this freebie are easily editable and available in PSD files. This beautiful message UI pack was created in Adobe Illustrator. By using this vector messages UI kit you can create beautiful iOS 8 apps within very short time.

Every single element was made using sketch so you can edit everything that fits your needs. This freebie was designed by Rafael condo. This freebie also contains organized layers and folders. This beautiful UI kit designed by Oz Pinhas. Created by James Noble. This pack is very useful both for mobile developers and front-end designers. You can create professional mockup by using this UI set. Created by the smashing editorial. You can customize it with new lights and retro effects. All PSD is easy to customize and you can freely use it for both your personal and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates, and themes.

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iOS 8 Vector App UI Kit

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Businesses building a new product can create a Minimum Viable Product to prove that an idea is viable and warrants further investment. A further benefit being that the next stage of development can be informed by feedback obtained from testing that MVP. Sitemap A sitemap is a diagrammatic representation of a hierarchical system. It usually depicts the parent-sibling relationship between pages in a website, showing how sub pages might be arranged underneath their parent groupings. This arrangement forms a map of the site.

User journey A user journey represents a sequence of events or experiences a user might encounter while using a product or service. A user journey can be mapped or designed to show the steps and choices presented as interactions, and the resulting actions. Prototype A prototype is draft representation built to test ideas for layout, behaviour and flow in a system. Prototypes are an indispensable tool for resolving a large number of potential issues in a concept or business before too many resources are deployed to put a design into production.

Wireframes A Wireframe is a visual schematic that conveys a basic level of communication, structure and behaviour during the design of a system. Wireframes are low-fidelity designs that bypass including a detailed user interface or visual design, conveying just enough to get across the core idea. Usability To say something is usable is a qualitative statement about how easy that thing is to use.

Usability is an assessment of how learnable a system is and how easy a user finds it to use. The usability of a system or product is a key factor in determining whether the user experience is a good one. Information Architecture Information architecture is the design and organisation of content, pages and data into a structure that aids users understanding of a system. A more organised system enables users to more easily find the information they require and complete the intended tasks.