Iphone 5 ios 7 compass not working

Still doesn't work. So it doesn't seem to be a software issue either. Also tried changing the compass to use Magnetic North instead of True North. Did not work, too. Also tried now leaving the flex cable shield including it's screws out completely which also didn't help. Really running out of ideas now..

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Just this night I finished completely reassembling an iPhone 5s 16GB rose gold distributed by a friend of mine from the scratch. I bought a new chassis silver and with this was forced to buy new flex cables and also bought a new touch screen. So in the end the only things i kept are the logicboard and the back camera I guess Screen was missing whole except the touch ID. So I used the "Phone Diagnostics" app from the app store to confirm everything's working and received a fail for compass and motion sensor.

I could confirm this via the compass app which doesn't react to any movement of the phone at all. As it was needed I bought a complete screw set for it.

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I noticed on the iFixit guides that there should be a non-magnetic standoff and screw on the top right off the phone if I remember right. I got the standoff from the old phone and reinstalled it in the same place but unfortunately I could not find any fitting non-magnetic screw for the exact same place so I used a normal one. That's the only issue I could think of at the moment. Originally the demagnetized phillips screw should be in the top right screw hole for the metal plate that covers the screen cables.

Minho refectio. I would take the screw out and test the compass. If it works when the screw is removed, then you found your problem. There should be a non-magnetic screw in your set. Just test with a magnetized screwdriver to see which on doesn't "get attracted". Apple, on the other hand, does post its guidelines for potential accessory manufacturers who want to develop products for Apple devices. Section 2. So not only can a management in a case interfere with the compass, which is a hassle on its own, but it can also have an impact on the iPhone's optical image stabilization OIS performance.

Presumably, any other device with OIS could suffer from the same issue with a misplaced magnet. To be clear, this is in no way Apple's fault, nor would it be Google's or Samsung's if this issue was experienced on a different device. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure.

How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: Use a Google Home and your phone to get the best ride. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Has anyone found a solution? It also isn't clear what version of iOS they're running.

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Version They also mentioned "the blue dot", so it isn't clear if the issue is the compass or something else. Sorry to take so long; I haven't been checking this page. We have an Iphone 5C and a SE. This usually happens after we get out of the car. Sometime it corrects quickly and sometimes it can take 5 minutes.

How Can I Use My iPhone As A Level?

Today, we found a cache because its location was shown near a distinctive landmark but the blue dot was still back at the car. Hi, same thing here. On iphone 6 and last IOS version, my compass is often off, and I can only progress loooking the distance indicator. Same behaviour in the woods, in the streets or in the snowy mountain!

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Same problem here. I wouldn't say that my compass 'points in the wrong direction', mine is more like it's just frozen in a random position.

How to recalibrate the motion sensors in your iPhone 5s

I've made no changes to the OS since the problems started, so the app update is the only thing I can pinpoint for my device as it was working perfectly prior. I didn't read your comment prior to posting archsmooth - Didn't think of trying the native compass, that's frozen for me too! Have either of you tried checking the "Compass Calibration" setting I discussed in my January 9 post above? No good. Iphone 8, latest IOS Version.

My previous phone Iphone 6 was great for geocaching. Now it's almost a crisis! I have the same issue. I haven't geocached in months due to this. When using the compass page all green the yellow needle is frozen in a random position.

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  6. The native iphone compass works great and is calibrated. I'm using Version 6. If I use the map page, and the "pivot" feature Or whatever it's called the map pivots as I move the phone. Has anyone figured out a workaround? I used to use my iPhone 6 and the Geocaching app to cache with. I was fantastic. Coords were always within tolerance and the compass was correct. I never had to resort to loading the coords into my GPS.

    The coords fluctuate and the compass often point is in the wrong direction.

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    I thought the issues were with the iPhone but, after talking with apple support and resetting several settings and turning other services off, I'm convinced that it is the Geocaching app. I've seen the other similar complaints above. Is there a fix in the works? Are you guys working on this? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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