Ssl handshake failed blackberry 10

Cause the SSL Handshake Error

Test your SSL functionality by intentionally causing the handshake to fail. Open your Windows Start screen, and then click on the current date and time. Move the date three years into the future by clicking on the right arrow under the "Date" heading. Click "OK" to save your settings. You must select a date this far in the future to cause a date discrepancy between your computer and the SSL certificate used on the Web server.

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The date discrepancy will cause the SSL handshake to fail. Open your Web browser and visit a website that you know is secure, such as your bank or an online store. Try to log in to your bank account or add items to an online shopping cart in order to initiate an SSL session.

Wait just a few seconds for an error message to appear in your browser, alerting you that the server's SSL certificate is not yet valid, and because of this the SSL handshake has failed. Katherine Johnson has been writing for over 10 years. She served as the CEO of two companies in the technology and beauty industries. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science.

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I have tried reinstalling whatsapp, BB software and many more alternatives. I would really appreciate if someone can please help me since without whatsapp the phone is absolutely useless.


I just got the Q10 OS As a result, all my contacts were automatically linked to their facebook equivalents. Even if I "hide" facebook contacts in the contacts app, the facebook information shows up for nearly all my contacts as the contacts have been linked. I thought blackberry was great for data protection and then I do not even get to choose which contacts I would like to sync and which ones not? I bought a blackberry after having used android for a long time as I thought that blackberry is a more powerful tool for emailing etc.

On my Q10 OS I could work around this by using the conversation mode which also shows my forwarded emails or replies, but I am syncing with Thunderbird and Outlook and it would be extremely useful to see to which emails I have already replied or whether I've forwarded them. How can this feature be turned on and if it is not available as several blogs suggest , how could blackberry miss this essential feature of email administration?

How to Make a BlackBerry Accept an Untrusted Certificate

Dears i need your support i got new black berry Q10 and i have installed the company email on blackberry servers and its activated successfully the problem is Email Icon not shown or in the Hub section email not found. I have my Q10 paired with the uconnect radio in my dodge journey but the messaging feature remains unavailable. The alert on the radio screen says that the feature is not supported on the paired phone. I have checked the bluetooth settings on the phone with no change in the message. Is a cross-platform mobile App, which allows me to effectively monitor my incoming calls and SMS, by knowing any caller's ID even I have not saved in my contact list.

Now my question is, is there a way i can see or add my first stolen bb q10 to my bb protect? I have a blackberry Q10 Model 1. The screen reader is on and tells me what is on the screen, date, time, etc. If some one could tell me how to get my phone working again that would be great! My blackberry Q10 not conecting properly,elerts displaying on computer you have not Bluetooth Periferal device driver. I was told by BB that this was supposed to be fixed with the new update. BB did not fix this! You cannot recieve POP email on your auto navigation systems.

Mine is a Lexus H.

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Does anyone have any feedback on this issue. We are using Q10 with the latest softwareupdate done yesterday. The connection to the bluetooth of opel insigna works only for loudspeaker and microphone. Start processing: Enrollment failure [ perimeter id: Complete processing: Can someone direct me to the contact details as noted below in the KB document? Are you the publisher?

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