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Jolla currently has a credibility issue due to the tablet fiasco. If it again dithers on delivering again, it further causes a loss of trust in Jolla. Atleast if Jolla releases something on time — Jolla can get back some of that credibility. The update with android support can tide over that and generate better publicity.

Why wasting time to support Android apps? Why not supporting other communities like nativescript https: The assumption that vendors would start supporting their software on sailfish os even if they use nativescript is a gamble at best. They already have the software to get android-apps to run and they have shown with former smartphones that they are certainly capable of getting it to work well.

Just to chime in here, NativeScript does not seem to be widely used, however, React Native certainly is, and major app developers are using it in their iOS and Android apps e. So, I am delighted! NOW, we know that there is no device to buy from jolla, there is no finished software working on Xperia and no fixed time limit until the main issues are solved. We have to wait again until there will be an announcement about something. Sorry James, but the group here expected at least a device with sailfishOS on it, no matter if it is supporting android or not.

I expected a purely sailfishOS device that works. I understand, but unfortunately that is not what everyone wants. Most of the users rely on Android support at least for some particular applications and those form the bigger part of the community. Therefore releasing the device with only Sailfish OS and no Android compatibility would result backfire.

Raising customer expectations and not matching it is what backfires on Jolla. The hype should match reality or one loses trust in the brand. I realise I may have unintentionally sounded too harsh with my previous comment, but the point is that 2 releases is better than one long delayed release somewhere in the future.

If a Sailfish OS version without Android compatibility is ready and fully functional, then it should be released first. Subsequently, when the Android compatibility layer is ready, it can be released in the next version. Full Sailfish OS experience was promised and that includes Android support. There would be a big outcry if it was released without it. There are many community ports that are very stable but as James said, most of the community is interested in the official ones due to the Android support.

The group of Tablet Backers expected and were promised by the co-founder and top management Antti Saarnio a Tablet more than 3 years ago.. Keep this in mind when you start expecting something of this malicious company! Maikel needs a full refund! Ok, I awaited… I am one of the It schould have been the task of the investors to finance the tablet project and not of customers. The still remain refund will probably newer come if jolla will not be able to handle the development issues in the very close future.

As liquidity is low probably one strategy of the investors their will be no cash refund but rather a price reduction offer of the next software to be installed on a what ever low spec. Dreaming of the big business and investing into the business like a hungry man, does not fit together. Nothing else. Then you should probably both read the terms you agree with when you invest in something.

Indiegogo is not a shop. Thanks for the update and the relative good news. Well, the post says that there will be a downloadable Sailfish OS available to people who want to use it. That naturally implies that the device should most probably be bought on your own. James Noori: It takes a certain skill not to answer this question directly and unambiguously in the one blog post everybody has been waiting for. There is a draft, then there are people responsible for the particular project looking over the draft and changing things which takes time , then there is the spellcheck and grammatical check, and then publish.

So naturally, a lot of people look over each post for many reasons. As for the question, it was not clear how we were going to release the OS, was it going to be pre-loaded or available to download or both.

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Sony has half of the story as well! But now, it is very clear that it will be a downloadable image. A clear statement is something like: You will have to pay for it but the price cannot be communicated for now [ I mean, come on: This is not the first time a Jolla blog post was totally misunderstood. You do have a problem in this regard. As for the one example at hand: Long before you guys even drafted this post, you knew that the community discussed the following possibilities:. I hope this explains it. Completely agree with this comment.

For the reasons stated, the blog post was not clear at all on whether just an image or also a pre-loaded device would be offered. I had to read the comment section to finally have clear information. Even you are seeing this company for what it truly is? Weighing every word to try to convince the community they are doing great stuff but actually are selling B.

I am so happy for you, you finally see what this company is all about.. Welcome back to the real world my friend! I agree with ossi above. Moreover, which kind of device? No brand, branded but unlocked, or vendor SIM-locked are the same, or should we stay clear of SIM-locked or possibly even of branded unlocked devices? I find it odd that Jolla isnt arming us with the best info to actually help them make this next venture a success!

The best possible answer at the moment is for you to buy an unlocked Sony Xperia X and wait for Sailfish OS to be available for it. Feel free to ask more questions! Thanks jamesnoori and rest of jolla for sony project so sailfish OS can spread to more places and countries im so excited and wish to just happily donate my second half of tablet money to the sailfish OS project i believe in a open alternative OS world the world needs jolla to succeed lets do it as a community togther 1 2 3 Jolla.

Feeling a bit confused. Here you recommend buying and in the FAQ sections it is recommended to wait and not to buy… to buy or not to buy?! This comment was left before the FAQ was released. The reason we are recommending everyone to wait until the actual announcement this is not an announcement post. This is just an update on the project is that we are taking precautions just in case something changes that we are yet to know ourselves.

As said before, there are a ton of things that have the potential of going wrong in these projects. Hope tis clears things up a bit more. But it might be a good idea to have a timeline, say: Some of us are enrolled in the Development program offered last year with a Jolla C. If you read the beginning of the second paragraph carefully, your answer lies within There will be a downloadable Sailfish OS image for your Xperia X if you have already bought it.

The possibility of us selling the device is very close to zero. Oh I see. You should have mentioned that in the blog post then, because one means of delivery does not rule out another unless specifically stated. Hence why so many thought the post was vague. Great news. But what about the licensing costs for exchange and android support? How will the costs be covered?

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Will everyone have exchange and android support for free then? Downloading the software Sailfish OS image will not be free of charge. So, I must buy at a high price a device, price which includes development of Sony tailored android, just to remove the original OS, which may void the warranty, and pay to install Sailfish OS, with the risk of bricking the device!

I just want to buy a device with SailfishOS installed and working and 2 years warranty! Everything could be mentioned weeks before! They have changed the link: Good work! So does mine. I think there are ports from the community to Sony Z3 tablet but unfortunately none of the devices you own. Maybe you can ask the community to take a step forward.

Thank you for your comment. We have written in the post that we are going to support the single-sim version for now. It is yet unknown if the dual-sim version is going to be supported. We will of course update you if otherwise. What is the reason to support only the single SIM version?

Well… This info that Sailfish shall be downloadable to single SIM version only of the Xperia X could have been communicated long ago, Jolla has known this likely for ages already. But this is something Jolla could answer now will it result in problems although I wouldnt even use SIM slot nr 2? The thing is Im not putting bets high for Sailfish arriving to other Xperia models other than the exact mentioned in this blogpost anytime this decade… so thats why the dual SIM question… Thanks for pushing Sailfish forward, I do hope to see it worthwhile option in near future, but for now Jolla 1 with Iijoki and its dalvik is becoming quite museum stuff.

Still using Jolla phone 1 and hope to get a replacement Sailfish powered device.. Please put efforts to dalvik uppdating, it really is a corner stone for Sailfish success. Just to make sure I understand this correctly: There are major issues. Installing the OS onto the device is one of them.

Also, running Android apps, using the Jolla store and receiving updates are problematic. A preview version can be made available in July, the further timeline is unknown. Nothing in between. There are no major issues installing the OS on the phone. What Vesku is talking about here is that we want to make it as user friendly for the common user as possible to install it on their phone without the need of a help from a developer.

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Running Android apps have been a challenge for us so far since this is the first bit phone that we are porting Alien Dalvik to. Using Jolla Store and receiving updates are not problematic, but again, we want to make sure that they are as smooth on Xperia devices as they are on the phones we have released so far. There are naturally bugs and slight difficulties but nothing unresolvable.

The reason we did not announce this on Friday was that we decided it needed a separate, dedicated post with all the details possible. The summer update post would be too cramped if we wanted to add all this information to it. We are sorry for your disappointment, but unfortunately the unexpected challenges resulted us delaying the project. There is much more than a simple looking blog post that goes into such a project. We have to be completely sure about the things we are going to publish here and this much of information takes weeks to gather and put in proper words.

It is way easier said than done of course, but it is not because we lack communication skills. Are the unwashed hordes of Android zombies really going to buy a Sailfish image and flash it themselves? I feel you are trying to cater to the wrong audience, and wasting time doing so — especially if Android compability is essentially the whole reason for the delay. You have stated yourself that you need to run Android apps. Why not put the Jolla developer team on creating native apps for whatever Android apps it is you feel people need, instead of wasting time on Alien Dalvik?

That would surely be a better use of their time. Also, if there are not enough native apps, how about implementing a payment solution for Harbour to incentivize more devs to create native Sailfish apps? For example, if I want to take public means of transportation without having to bother to find a reseller for a paper ticket, I need to run and Android or iOS app on my mobile phone. Or maybe I want to access my bank from mobile. Same stuff, you cannot expect all banks to start developing SFOS apps. Waze will never run on SFOS. When I use public transportation such as trains or airplanes I buy the tickets in advance online, with my Linux PC, or with the Sailfish browser.

I pay for parking with SMS. I do all my banking on my desktop PC. I prefer to forgo that convenience in order to maintain my integrity. As I said in another post, with Android you sell your soul to Google, your integrity to the American federal government, and your ass to every advertiser in the world who wants a piece of it. However, this turns the discussion into completely different direction, namely what the target market of Sailfish should be. Unfortunately, Jolla is obviously trying to push Sailfish into general market.

Hence the seeming need in Dalvik support. You are forsaking many opportunities offered by Android. My bank, even on a PC, requires an Android app for passcode generation or a physical token, that I have to carry at all times. Public transportation here only supports apps to buy tickets, no browser. If you are at a time where ticket sellers are closed, you are on your own. As I said, if you want you can live with no smartphone, no car, no air conditioning, no flowing water and no toilet.

It depends on what you are willing to accept. For the rest of us, the conveniences that modern mobile technology brings have become indispensable. Android has them. Asking Jolla to develop native Sailfish apps as replacements for the various mobile blockbusters is incredibly naive. Most of those apps rely on proprietary backend architecture that is not open, sometimes even hostile to 3rd-party developers. What happened to Mitakuuluu, the Whatsapp clone again?


What about the WeChat behemoth, without which life is unthinkable in China? Tencent, the operating company, has never allowed any 3rd-party clients. What about banking apps, Uber, Skype, Bitcoin wallets, popular online games, Threema? What about the countless car and bike sharing services like ZipCar, DriveNow or car2go where you need the official app to unlock the bike or car door or Stripe for accepting credit card payments at your street market booth?

Slow, horrible user experience how many things do I need to install and settings to tweak just to get it working? Have you ever used a modern mobile map on Android or iOS? Because development costs money. Good maps cost money. Good routing databases cost money. And on Sailfish? That only works for truly open-source and non-profit projects. Jolla is neither. Jolla needs the mainstream. None of the people I know still use Skype anymore. All of them gradually migrated to more safe in spyware sense alternatives as soon as Skype was bought by MS. Now this is a valid argument, even though I never needed anything like this because I have my own car and my own bicycle.

These are the Android apps you may actually need Alien Dalvik for. Same as with car sharing. This may surprise you, but not everyone uses this piece-of-crap software. In Russia, for example, the only people who use it are peacocks who want to be fancy; everyone else use VK messages, that had all functionality of Whatsapp before it even existed. Oh, and yes, Sailfish has both a built-in integration and a great native app for it.

Good for you. In my line of work, plenty of remote meetings get done on Skype because I deal with business folks across many companies, not geeks. Skype is usually the easiest common denominator when setting up a video or international call. Banking via website? The official app has several functions that are not available on the web. For example the app lets me take a picture of a cheque to deposit it in my account. Online games? No need to lecture me. But hundreds of millions of people do and enjoy it. What about all the other examples I gave and you conveniently overlooked?

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Have you ever been to China, by any chance? Airline apps to manage your boarding passes and frequent flyer mileage account. Evernote — taking notes, accessing meeting logs etc and sharing with colleagues. The excellent Pleco dictionary. Controlling drones and watching their live video feed, home automation, continuous glucose monitoring apps — I can go on and on and on…. Give up the dictionaries, the maps, the banks, airlines, medical devices, drones, social networks, car sharing, games and business software, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, music and video streaming!

Who needs Netflix and Spotify anyway? See the light of using only pure Sailfish! Like it or not, that puts you in a tiny minority.

[Update 31/7/2017: First images delivered to Cbeta] Sony Xperia Project Update

The discussion started about offering pure Sailfish, without Android support. My point is, Jolla is unable to replicate all these use cases themselves. And if they were to release Sailfish without Android, they would cater to a tiny niche of purists who would not nearly provide enough revenue to pay for salaries and keep the lights on at Jolla. Skype is obsolete indeed. Wire is much better and much nicer. I really hope that someone soon will make a Wire-client for Sailfish.

Uber is a very disrupting business. Who pays the bills when you are ill? Not Uber. Who pays your pension? If everyone should work like Uber wants us to do, the whole society would go bankrupt. Uber-like services are only suitable as temporary side jobs. Waze is Google.

Waze uses internet data. Why not using Here? Here we go is a fine satnav. Concerning bank apps: I miss that too, but I always hoped that Sailfish would become so attractive that banks would make apps for Sailfish too. Unfortunately Jolla is not focusing on a wider public. It appears to focus on developers only for some obscure reason. Therefore it will not become well known and reliable enough for banks. Because Here does not have real time user-provided traffic information and feedback. Only Waze does that. Actually using Google products like Waze is giving your consent to surveiilance of your conduct by American and non-American institutions.

Why not share it random like the refund.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium au meilleur prix

Now you have two projects starting in July. Is this beta group real users in the wild or just some groupies? I can wait for this Xperia hack but the refund must really start in July. How is the progress so far with a few days left to kickoff. How many will get refund in July? Hi Dave! This post is really not about the refunds. And yes they are real people. True, but the previous one was and not a single answer on follow up from the top dog. Commit and run! And since I starting to believe this Refund suggestion might be a cover up without no over sight committee. I can strongly guarantee that you are believing in the wrong theory.

And the statement at the end of this blog does not mean that the price of the software will be the same as what we owe our backers. I was quite impressed with the initial Jolla phone released which I still use daily , but not by the complete lack of follow-up, limited and frequently breaking Android app support, and complete lack of options for paid apps to support devs.

You can donate to devs via flickr support in the store. So no its not a complete lack of supporting dev. Not having paid apps has its benefits aswell. Though in general I think if there is demand from developers and companies to sell applications for SailfishOS this has to come one day. Thank you for webcat.

Since I have webcat I am able to download sounds in the media app. It never worked in the Jolla browser. Was very frustrating. I have said a hundred times that Jolla should set up a decent paying system. Now we get half working Android apps and apps with ads. You should take more care for the old customers. I have been a first one, and than you left me alone with my hardware.

Than I was happy for the weekly updates for the OS, I saw you working hard, and you have clear goals to achieve. But nowadays you just committing the same mistakes again and again. Your audience will not significantly expand, just because you show your product under a popular companies flag…the target market will be the same group who helped launching your project.

I will try to keep alive my Jolla phone until you port the OS to any Xperia compact pone. Maybe until that you will not to cancel the support of the original device…and the whole Sony with Sailfish stuff will be matured a bit. But now I think that is you last chance to get back my faith in you. Once again: I respect yours, so please do not behave like all people whose opinion differs from yours are morons. I, for one, think that a man speaking on a modern smartphone looks extremely silly, like he is holding a cutting board against his head. A phone which does not even fit in most of my pockets is a nonsensical product of marketing teams.

Oh, and it also takes absolutely no effort to make a phone bigger. The whole art of designing the phone lies in miniaturization, not the other way. I ask you the opposite question: Personally, I prefer to use a proper dedicated device for that i. Then I understood that small is not always better. There are so many who would prefer a phone the size of a N9 or at least that of a J1. I just picked up the huge device. I compared it to my Jolla 1. One cm longer in a mobile phone makes a big difference sir, what did you think, a phone had to be a meter long to be called big?

Am I wrong in assuming this? Thanks for the update. I like the idea to get the Xperia X image as the second part of the tablet refund. Great to know! Thanks for sticking to the point Cheers! I like to have an replacement for my Jolla C with a not really working replacement battery as soon as possible. Really happy to hear that the project is progressing forward. Looking forward to hearing more news about it. Thank you for commenting! It is highly appreciated. Nobody is forcing the supporters to do anything! It is completely their own choice what to choose. The reason being that we have two very effective weapons against trolls there: James you can also make polls on Diaspora.

That will get straight to the point of you seeking info about the refund vs the SF image. I thought you were somehow trying to figure that out elsewhere, from private discussions, the cbeta group… elsewhere. And this is just to see roughly how many people would be interested in the offer. Request denied. I have read all the comments relating to this post, and although they of course vary in content quality, I have seen nothing that rises to troll level. That very clearly implies that we are going to make it available as a downloadable image.

Which means we will do our best to make it as easy as possible for the common user to install it on their device. This was also mentioned in the post! In the past downloads have been community supported and the only way to get official support it to buy a pre-loaded device.

Because of this people are expecting at least the option to buy a pre-loaded device. Both points no devices sold directly by Jolla, Jolla will charge for the download of the OS are among the most interesting that you can find on this page. Along with the fact that they, again, missed their own deadline and have no clue when the product will be finished. An operating system for hobbyists. Well of course some of our users may not want to run Android applications on their devices but many would definitely want to.

And since we have promised a full Sailfish OS experience, it means that it will have the power to run both Android and native Sailfish OS applications. The installation process will be made very easy for the common user to perform. So you really have nothing to worry about there. There is a very easy solution for this, James. Yes, this is a very good idea.

For me, aliendalvik is bloatware. Let the people who want to run Android apps why not stay on Android then, one might ask wait for all the problems relating to that to be sorted out, and let people who just want a clean Sailfish experience download and flash a potentially less error-prone image without the dalvik layer.

I also agree — I have no real use for Android apps. Really happy to hear that the project is progressing forward, but still a little bit dissapointed. I understand model X is a development start but, please, start with XZ Premium and get massive and premium in a row. Thank you! Thank you for commenting. When we begun this project, we announced it as Sailfish OS for Xperia X and have been saying ever since that we will finish this project first then will move to other Xperia phones.

And as written on this post, that is still the plan. Clearly, Xperia XZ Premium is logically the next candidat. A worthy candidate! I am not waiting for another crappy device. We are taking good care of our devices and want to use them over a long period. This would be a real temptation for us, as there is no fully supported Fairphone with Sailfish. Thanks for the link. To my surprise it seems the Xperia X has gone out of production and been replaced by the Xperia XZ since the initial announcement. And as far as I know and have read, not commenting on behalf of Sony the device will still be available to purchase till the end of this year.

I can still find it at Verkkokauppa. Than you are betting on the wrong horse. It is not wise to give us only these cheap options. Devices are full of precious metals and therefore it is best to offer good, long lasting products. Surely by now you should have some idea how much the Sailfish image would cost. I assume you want me to buy an Xperia X and flash it myself. Xperia X going at about euros here so how much on top. The exact price has not been decided yet. I think it would be nice if i bought the Sony device from jolla with sailfish OS on them. If any of the Cbeta team is reading please see if a Sailfish port is possible for a high end device such as Xperia XZ or even a onePlus 5.

Great news! Thanks for all the effort! Thank you. This is particularly good news — thanks Jolla. Personally I find Android a real grind to use. All positive from this user! Just curious: Bad progress would have been: But we are not saying that and we are still progressing despite the challenges. James, thank you for the continued efforts of all the Jolla team.

I have used Sailfish exclusively on the mobile side since the Jolla 1 came out. From your comments and that of the initial post I take it a lot of problems stem from implementing the alien dalvik runtime. There was a suggestion above that two images be made available — one with Android support for those who want, and one without for those who have no need for it and want a clean Sailfish OS experience.

I wholeheartedly second this. What say you? What is Jolla specifically doing to ensure that popular apps like WhatsApp are developed for the Sailfish OS platform? Now that Google is soon trotting out Android O, it would be great if Jolla and Google can work out a deal where the runtime would at least be at Android Lollipop 5. Please advise, James. I agree with the idea of compensating for the refund. But…who is part of the Cbeta group? I return as the possessor of Jolla C… As I am part of the old device community program?

C-beta is a small group of people who are under confidentiality contracts with us since we share our work with them. They are normal community members just like you but they are not to be confused with people who got the Jolla C last year. Xperia X is out of production. So start with an older phone. Why not offer the phones without Android, so the price of the phone with SailfishOS will be the same as the phone with Android.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately that is not something that can be done as the phones sold by shops are pre-loaded with Android. I just realized that the Xperia is already discontinued. As industry insiders in direct talks with Sony there was a joint press release , you had no idea this was coming? You would have to hunt around for some leftover stock or buy a used phone on Ebay, just so you can spend more money to manually install a third-party OS that has no outstanding benefits over the stock OS that the phone already comes with.

How many people are going to do that? As written on the post, if you are an active member of the community doing ports, answering TJC comments, developing apps, etc. Can you please release some infos related to the camera? Is this true and is there a way to use the proprietary camera drivers in sfos to have 23MP? Thanks in advance! The camera will be limited to 8mp at launch unless proven otherwise till then! I wonder how can somebody even think of such a thing. Yeah and some money for the refund. But money is not the problem. Nice to hear of the progress. Still I cannot resist to suggest to put less effort in Android support.

As of now, we definitely would need Android support since many of our users use that feature for some applications that are not available for Sailfish OS. Because of those many users admittedly I am one of them it is very much needed… But thanks for your feedback. This is a bit off-topic, but introducing support for payments in Harbour might serve to make more devs inclined to develop Sailfish apps that might help ween the userbase off Android apps that are used simply because there are no native substitutes. On TJC it was said by official Jolla reps years ago that this was being looked into.

If there are lots of issues then worst case the phone stops being sold before 1. Pretty please! It would be great! Single sim means it will be the F I suppose. If the USA version will be supported aswell thats the interesting question for the girls and guys over seas. Previously it has been stated that it is the F model. See for instance http: Batteries have given me headaches and the UI is getting slow when it is collecting mail from my 6 mailboxes. So I hope to be able to buy a new phone soon. Yes, I do need Android. The great promise of the Sony would be a higher Android version so I could run some extra apps that are not available for SailfishOS.

I built a couple of escape rooms with all new technology myself Get out of here, Utrecht, NL and had to overcome tech problems as well, which took far more time than expected. And cost more money as well. So I can sympathise with your struggle. I can only hope you succeed soon. All the best! Only the Xperia X without the performance. But the Performance is the stronger one. Does this Sailfish port run native or on top of Android with libmer?

Could you also take a couple of guys with dual-sim Xperia X in Cbeta group, so they could test at the same time? AFAIK the difference is small just another target of the tree to build , but it could make dual-sim X available early. Thats are really good news. I am happy to read about it. Will the Sony Xperia XCompact supported too? Will it be possible to choose which OS are booting at power up? I am missing my Jolla device, i hope i can use Sailfish soon. I second the dual-boot question. Looking forward to Sailfish OS on the Sony hardware!

My current phone is pink and even worse, it runs Android. Very nice guys, fingers crossed! Just give me a chance to do it;- I like the system very much and my jollas have 2 of J1 definitely need replacement! Same for me: Well, as long as this happens sooner than later of course! September would be great…. What a let down of gargantuan proportions. Why not sack the Z and go for the XZ? I think you expected too much. Nobody promised a new device.

Where did I mention a physical device? I participated in the crowd-funding tablet project by buying a tablet, case and some other accesory. Seth Mundall. Thank you guys for the Info! Jolla is a small company, who is making an 3rd secure Ecosystem. Releasing an Image for the community is much better, cheaper, faster etc. But some people expect from Jolla the same amount of support like from Apple or Samsung.

As an active member of community i must say — that Jolla doing the things right, concentrating on Software Business. For all folks, which thing — its complicated — i can offer my community help. If you want actual Hardware as soon, as it hit the market — you need to take Apple or Android. Sailfish Development takes time. When anything goes good, you can ask for actual Hardware in 5 years, but now — it is be like it is. I have SailfishOS running on the Fairphone 2.

Its one of the most powerfull devices, where SailfishOS works quite good — but yes its alredy old Hardware…. We need to give Jolla and SailfishOS a bit more time to mature. Hardware must not be always the most important thing. Apple is a good example. It merely had an OS adapted and optimized to their hardware. Yes, this is an very important point. Depends on the warranty.

Sony can only say by unlocking the bootloader we void our warranty but Sony cannot void for example the 2 years warranty by the EU. All hardware is going to be old and discontinued at some point. Anyway, currently the Xperia X is neither old nor discontinued. I prefer Sony Xperia X to 2nd refund. The SFOS phone, please. This should be fair to stop disappointment due to Jolla Table gate. Please disabuse yourself of the notion that Jolla will give you a phone. Getting the flashable image free of charge was the only thing put on the table to opine about.

Great to hear about the progress! It is Linux at its core right? Linux , it will probably work as expected. Sailfish OS on the other hand is specifically designed for one particular device, while it uses Linux at its core. Also, most Linux distributions that I know of are free of charge for the average user to download. I have to say I like these business models much better. A mobile phone is a device that should be interacted with using one hand in my opinion.

And they are always hardware-dependent. ARM hardware is a bit special, as you probably need a device tree for each model you want to support. Plus of course you need the device drivers for specific hardware used in the phone, such as camera sensors, which might not be easily available exactly because they are so specific. The main problem here is Android apps support which they are porting to 64 bits as stated somewhere above.

OS itself is already running smoothly. Good to hear this news. But it would be great to have pre-installed Sony devices. I can understand the idea to sell licences to download images for SFOS. At first we have to buy a Xperia X device with pre-installed Android in it, for using this Software on the phone. This is the first licence we have to pay. After this we could flash the device with SFOS, after paying another licence. You will get no new users with this thing. I will follow the way of SFOS. My wife has an Intex Aqua Fish. I am a Linux user. I love it and I will think of it to buy me a Sony Xperia device and flash it, when it will be have a fair price!

Also, please explain why the compact 4. According to gsmarena. It is NOT F It is F that will be supported. See http: I know there are ongoing efforts and the investors are still the ones holding it back, please just notice that there are people emphasizing free software and willing to give effort and money for SFOS at the same time.

Buy the hardware from wherever, then separately buy the OS and install it yourself, without full access to the source code. Additionally, you will probably need to register an account at Jolla to enable the store and future updates on the phone. Make it free, and instead consider the marketing value of all those people installing it and showing it to their friends. They will most likely return the favor in both joining the development and donating to your projects, additional to marketing your open projects for free.

Jolla could make the source free as in free software and sell the image for the device nevertheless. Of course one could compile the sources for oneself and create an image. But this is not easily done. I think you know I understand that. My suggestion starts with the price, as opening the software seems to be difficult for Jolla. I strongly disagree. Jolla desperately needs some real cash. The logical thing would be to do the other way: Did you try and ask Sony for technical help developers who could work on the camera, for example? Important feature for me, I would like to get a feeling if dual SIM support is somewhere on the horizon or totally unrealistic even for the more distant future.

Is there any legal problem if I buy Sony Xperia X, preload them with Sailfish and sell them throught the world? Will you give me a rebate on the OS licenses in this case? When installing Sailfish OS, you agree to its license on which:. Sorry if I was not clear here: The idea is to pay licenses for Sailfish to Jolla. Basically I would have expected this from Jolla: Buy the HW, install the SW and sell as a product. But of course with legal Sailfish licenses. You should negotiate a separate license in your case. Replying to leszek in this same comment: Selling a used device as an individual can be seen as non-commercial use.

Selling of those can be seen as a business. Separate license needed for that. Regarding buying phones and pre-loading them with Sailfish OS, please contact our sales department at partners at jolla dot com for further information and possible discussions. Obvious next choice for the porting will be the Xperia X Compact, as it is based on the same SOC and should be an easy port.

However, I would suggest aiming for a newer device. Xperia XZ Compact, which is now only rumoured, and should be available in September, may be a great choice. Truly unlike. I think Sony is blocking this. The supposedly underpowered Jolla phone at least its hardware specs had enough horsepower to be my daily workhorse for quite a while making me sad when the display broke after a six meter free flight some 10 months ago. I have already placed an order for the F, because I suspect any dual-sim implementation will be far off… But I want to see it happen.

It will stay in a drawer until I flash the Sailfish image. Frankly speaking, I am not too chuffed with the news. I understand it takes time to sort out the issues with the OS. Retrieved 11 February Sony Xperia. Retrieved 22 February Xperia Blog. Retrieved 24 April Sony Corporation.

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