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Read More. Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works--and includes textbook-level definitions. Use it as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook, or to create virtual lab experiences. The base purchase includes complete male and female gross anatomy models that can be dissected, common muscles actions, select mircroanatomy models and sample animations.

Additional in-app purchases can extend the atlas to include more detailed 3D dental models, and animations that explain physiology and common pathologies. All app prices are listed in USD. This price was last verified in the US App Store 1 hour ago and is subject to change. Home Shop Apps. Most Popular App Price Drops. Latest App Price Drops.

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Newest Apps. App Rankings. Definitions are also included for the anatomical structures which can provide additional details. A search function is also included. Initially we were going to complain here that only the female model is available in the app, but then just as we were finishing the review, an update came in that added the male model.

Human Anatomy Atlas IPA Cracked for iOS Free Download

Switching between the male and female can be done from the home screen, actions menu, reproductive tab, or urinary tab. The update also brought a faster loading time although waiting is still longer than we would like, well over 10 seconds. All-in-all this is one of the best anatomy applications available for any platform, and is definitely recommended for those learning basic anatomy. Structures that follow complicated paths that do not lay in one plane, such as blood vessels and nerves, are much easier appreciated with the 3D interface than in flat drawings in regular textbooks.

The high-resolution graphics and smooth zooming, panning and rotating capabilities make this app a real eye-catcher on your iPad.

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Those with a fairly good understanding of anatomy might find the number of labels a bit limited, as subparts of anatomy such as bones are not labeled. For clinical practice an app like Imaios, which has more detailed anatomy labels and is based on MRI and CT scan data, might be more suitable. It's complete, stand-alone, and detailed. I have used this app to help me locate neuroanatomical structures doing my study of the brain, and it has served me well.

The models are detailed and there are tons of useful features with a reasonably low learning curve. Not all things are perfectly intuitive, but they aren't too difficult to figure out and get used to. One feature I haven't yet found is a back button that reverts to the previous view: Best App I have found for studying the brain.

This was just a temporary glitch, and not he fault of this app.


After Apple got their servers back up everything was great again, but it's a shame that a problem of Apple's led to it looking like this app was trying to make me pay twice. Not the fault of the devs, and they should be compensated for the bad reviews mine included that were written at this time.

Unbelievable, wonderful, fantastic app! I'm not one to take time to write reviews. But I have to thank the developers of this incredibly useful tool. I am a singing teacher who focuses on functional technique, i. Mine is a relatively unusual approach to teaching vocal technique, but I get amazing results with my students from this methodology. And this app does it all except showing me how the intrinsic muscles of the larynx move.

It shows me the nerves innervating the larynx, the blood vessels, the membranes, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can show my massage therapist, my physical therapist and my chiropractor specifically what to work on now. I look forward to add on features to this amazing app. I've been sharing it with my students as well, so you have an enthusiastic if not evangelical marketing consultant in perhaps an unexpected client base. I am a faculty member teaching Point of Care ultrasound to medical students and residents and physicians and I found the app very helpful to review anatomical details and also to develop course content.


It would be very helpful to have corresponding ultrasound images in both labeled and unlabeled format with some animations in augmented reality for the ultrasound images with both normal and pathological findings. Point of care is a rapidly growing area of ultrasound and will be an integral part of medical education as well as education for medical residents and so it would be great to have that feature as well.

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Something to look into and if you need any tips you can look at some ultrasound simulation products by companies like Simbionix 3D systems and CAE.